Check Out These Amazing Bybit VPNs for 2024

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Anyone dealing in cryptocurrency would wish to trade using Bybit.

In case you don’t know, it is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges. Bybit offers as many as 13 cryptocurrencies for trading — no wonder why the 24-hour trade volume of this platform is over $480 million.

While the crypto exchanges give hope to many, few countries have banned them, citing legal reasons. Do you belong to such a country? If yes, the only thing that can help you here is a Bybit VPN.

We tested hundreds of VPNs to find options to help you trade better on Bybit.

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Why Use a VPN Connection with Bybit?

We will share the best VPNs for Bybit. But you must know why to use this technology while trading on Bybit. As mentioned, Bybit is a cryptocurrency trading platform. Now, cryptocurrency is controversial.

While countries like the UK (the UK VPN), Canada (Canada VPN), Australia (Australia VPN), and many more find it a safe way to trade, nations like Russia (Russia VPN), North Korea, Iran, and Turkey (Turkey VPN) don’t like to use it and have banned it completely.

The reason is the payee anonymity that cryptocurrency maintains. It’s hard to trace the payees if payment is made using cryptocurrency. It is something for those nations with no or nearly zero Internet freedom.

Then, we have nations like India and Dubai that have mixed attitudes toward cryptocurrency trading. They only allow restricted use of platforms like Bybit.

Here, you need to know one more thing: it’s not always the nations that are imposing a ban on platforms like Bybit. The platform also decides not to operate in certain parts of the world because of stringent cryptocurrency trading.

Let’s take the USA as an example. It was Bybit’s decision not to be functional in the USA because it found the cryptocurrency trading regulations too confusing. It feels like the country has no clear stance on cryptocurrency trading. Some US trades are cryptocurrency trading, while others are not preferring it. So, Bybit decided not to be functional in the US to avoid unwanted legal hassles.

Even if Bybit is allowed in your region, you can’t sit back and relax. Cryptocurrency cyberattacks are on the rise. Hence, as a trader and user of Bybit, you must ensure that your internet traffic is secure. The easiest way to make it happen is by using high-end encryption through a virtual private network (you may find it interesting: what is VPN?).

Trivia Time

Nearly 5.4 billion malware attacks occurred in 2021 alone. In the first six months of 2022, the world faced 2.75 billion attacks.

VPN for ByBit is the one-stop solution for all these hassles. Be it the geo-restrictions hassles or higher cybersecurity risks, a Bybit VPN will help you in every situation.

The VPN server network is widespread, and as a Bybit VPN user, you can connect to the server of your choice and access Bybit from banned regions. For instance, if you’re using a Bybit USA VPN, you can connect to the VPN server location of a country where Bybit is functional from any US state. This way, accessing Bybit from banned locations won’t be an issue. You can easily access Bybit from the US.

Best VPNs for Bybit offer powerful AES-256 encryption and multiple security protocols that protect your internet connection. To make things better, the best Bybit VPNs also provide advanced features like a kill switch, IP & DNS leak protection, Tor over VPN, Double VPN, no logging, and dedicated IP addresses.

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With all these features, there is no way that cyberpunks will harm you by decrypting your internet traffic. You can also use security features to protect your digital wallet and financial details, which is highly recommended.

As you trade online, you must leave no traces behind. Gladly, you can maintain your privacy while trading cryptocurrency with a no or zero logs policy of Bybit VPNs. Such VPNs will ensure none of your crucial information is saved on the internet.

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Trivia Time

Do you know that nearly 1/3 of internet users use a VPN? Almost 41% of VPN users use this technology once a week, while 36% of VPN users use the tool daily. VPNs are growing daily, and the global VPN market will hit the mark of $834 million by 2024.

How to Access Bybit from the US with a VPN Server?

The previous section enlisted the key reasons to use a VPN for Bybit.

If you want ultimate peace of mind while accessing Bybit from the US or other parts of the world, use a Bybit VPN.

This section will explain how to access Bybit with a VPN. Gladly, this is not a challenging task demanding extensive technical skills and expertise. Let’s understand the process.

surfshark homepage

We have picked Surfshark for this task. It has a vast VPN server network, works on almost all devices, and has impressive security features.

  • Register on Surfshark VPN for free and get a suitable VPN subscription.
  • Activate the subscription by logging in once again.
  • Get the app to the device you will use to access it—Bybit in the US or any other part of the world.

surfshark servers

  • Follow the setup instructions and log into the app using your Surfshark VPN credentials.
  • Connect to the server of your choice and unblock Bybit.
  • Enjoy cryptocurrency trading in the US with full security.

Pro Tip

Depending upon the device, setup may have different steps. For instance, router VPN app setup requires manual configurations; the Android app is often available as an APK file. You must follow the detailed setup guides available on the official Surfshark website to ensure the proper setup is done.

The Best VPNs For Bybit in the USA

  • NordVPN Wide VPN server network, highly secured crypto transactions, DNS leak protection, responsible kill switch, and dedicated VPN software for different devices.
  • ExpressVPN Enough potential to protect your crypto assets, fully encrypted internet traffic, obfuscated servers, 30-day money-back guarantee, and no-logy policy.
  • CyberGhost Quick VPN server connection, compatibility with other cryptocurrency exchange platforms, streaming optimized servers, and 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • PrivadoVPN Decent server network featuring obfuscated servers, military-grade data encryption, dedicated customer support, and compatibility with leading devices.
  • Surfshark Reliable kill switch, no logging of crypto trading activities, complete hiding of real IP by a new IP address.

After this quick overview, let’s switch to a detailed explanation of the best Bybit VPNs.

#1 – NordVPN – Cost-effective Bybit VPN with robust encryption

nordvpn logo

NordVPN is our first choice as this VPN is feature-loaded. Be dedicated VPN software for different devices or dedicated app support, the VPN is here to impress you with its offering.

The VPN provider has over 1900 servers in the US that are backed by robust encryption,  and it keeps no log of crypto trading activities. That’s the reason why it’s the best Bybit US VPN.

NordVPN comes from a VPN-friendly jurisdiction, Panama. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your data privacy. There will be no info and activity logging. Its encryption is the best of the breed as it utilizes XChaCha20 encryption. With RAM-only servers, you have nothing to worry about.

Nord has a great zero-log-keeping policy. 3rd party service providers regularly audit it. Hence, you can bank upon it completely.

Bybit unblocking with NordVPN as it provides dedicated IP addresses with advanced threat protection. It will block malicious ads, dangerous websites, and adware with the same ease and perfection.

You can secure as many as 6 devices at a time and use them for trading on the Bybit platform. For all the leading devices, there is a user-friendly app that will be ready to help with a few simple steps.

Key Features

  • Double VPN
  • Port forwarding
  • Wide range of US IP addresses
  • Cryptocurrency integration

Get the Best Deal on NordVPN

#2 – ExpressVPN – Bybit VPN with advanced features

expressvpn logo clear

Over the years, ExpressVPN has become synonymous with quality because of its exceptional features. It takes hardly any effort to unblock geo-restricted websites. The job is done so swiftly that no one can sense what you’re up to. It is a key reason behind the huge popularity of ExpressVPN.

We tested ExpressVPN with Bybit very closely and discovered no hassles.

There is unlimited bandwidth and data to enjoy. So, you can trade as much as you want.

It is because of the obfuscated servers of ExpressVPN. All of its VPN servers are known for blazing speed. Latency is nowhere. Hence, you can trade quickly.

Not only can you trade using this VPN, but you can also learn about crypto trading platforms or cryptocurrency exchange platforms by watching videos.

As far as security is concerned, you don’t have to worry. Along with military-grade encryption, you have features like DoubleVPN, unlimited server switches, leak protection, complete real IP address masking, and port forwarding to enjoy.

Many find it too expensive, and we won’t deny this. But, it fairly justifies the subscription cost with a wide range of features. Its customer support is also at par. They will be on your toes to serve you better.

There are dedicated VPN software apps offered. You can use the VPN over devices like Windows laptops, PCs, SmartTVs, mobile phones, and many more. There are browser extensions as well.

You will have no hassles in trading with cryptocurrency as the VPN supports the cryptocurrency key scheme. It has dedicated cryptocurrency integration. Even payments via cryptocurrency are possible. All in all, you will have no hassles, and this is what you expect from a Bybit VPN.

Key Features

  • Cryptocurrency integration
  • Lightway and OpenVPN
  • Virtual servers

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#3 – CyberGhost – Pocket-friendly Bybit VPN

CyberGhost VPN logo

In case you’re looking for the best value for your invested money, you need to try CyberGhost. It comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee, and this is the best deal one can have.

If you’re using CyberGhost in Bybit-restricted regions, you don’t have to worry about security as it comes with ironclad security. It provides WiFi protection, antivirus protection, malware blockers, and excellent encryption.

You will have ultimate peace of mind while using this VPN to access restricted content, as it doesn’t keep a log of crucial information. When it comes to security protocols, CyberGhost supports protocols like WireGuard, IKv2, and OpenVPN.

You can rely on its zero-log as it offers a transparency report, a great feature. It’s compatible with streaming and torrenting due to its dedicated servers.

Speed won’t be an issue with CyberGhost as it provides P2P and streaming-optimized servers worldwide. These servers have lightning-fast speed with no latency. Try it out today.

Key Features

  • No bandwidth throttling
  • Multilingual support
  • Smart Rules for Windows
  • Jurisdiction based on surveillance alliances
  • 7 simultaneous connections

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#4 – PrivadoVPN – Beginner-friendly VPN

privadovpn logo

PrivadoVPN is an excellent choice to make if you’re looking for a Bybit US VPN as it comes with US-based servers. Even though several US servers are hidden, they are enough to suffice the purpose. Despite the smaller VPN server network, it impressed us and others in dealing with crucial security threats involved in cryptocurrency trading.

There is a powerful AES-256 cipher encryption to protect your data. It has an impressive no-logs policy to ensure that none of your financial data is leaked. With dedicated IPs, you have nothing to worry about. Regions not permitting VPNs will not be able to figure out that a VPN is in place.

Privado’s automatic kill switch feature becomes active once a VPN connection drops. This VPN also works well for streaming lovers as it can help unblock BBC iPlayer, YouTube (YouTube VPN), Netflix (Netflix VPN), DAZN, and many more streaming platforms.

Its device compatibility is perfect, as you can use VPN protection on 10 devices simultaneously. So, you can trade from your mobile phones, laptops, and PCs.

Key Features

  • Dedicated servers in Bybit in allowed countries
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No log keeping

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#5 – Surfshark – VPN for unlimited protection

Surfshark VPN Logo

Lastly, we have Surfshark to recommend, as this VPN for Bybit comes with unlimited simultaneous connections. Yes, you read it right. You can access as many devices as possible with the security of a VPN if you choose Surfshark.

It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free trial facility. Its security is unmatched. There is a neat web feature offered that provides dedicated protection for adware, malware, and viruses.

It works with all the leading devices, which is a great thing. All its VPN servers come with private DNS, which is terrific for leak protection. To bypass the restrictions, it comes with NoBorders mode. This mode allows you to use Surfshark everywhere you go.

Key Features

  • Two factors authentication
  • Cookie pop-up blocker
  • Adware protection
  • Audited no log policy

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Have a look at this table and get familiar with more details about these best Bybit VPNs.





Privado VPN


Our Ranking












US Servers


Yes, in 28 North American locations



Streaming Optimized Servers






Countries Served








British Virgin Islands




Cryptocurrency payment






Log Keeping






Smart DNS






Free Trial






Encryption Used

AES with 256-bit keys

4096-bit CA, AES-256-CBC encryption, and TLSv1.2

AES 256-bit cipher with a 4096-bit RSA key and SHA256 for authentication

256-bit encryption

256-bit advanced encryption

Simultaneous Connections






Security Features

Double VPN, obfuscated servers, Kill switch, leak protection, and many more

RAM servers with no log keeping, split tunneling, port forwarding, unlimited server switching, Double VPN, and many more

Ad/malware blocker, protection against DDoS attacks, kill switch, dedicated IP addresses, and many more

Kill switch, no-log policy, server switch, obfuscated servers, and many more

Masking of real IP addresses, adware and malware blockers, two-factor authentication, cookies pop-up blockers, and many more.

Streaming Services

Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, HBO Max, Sport1, EuroSports, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, BT Sport, and ESPN,

YouTube, Sports1, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, BT Sport, ESPN, and HBO Max

Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Peacock, BT Sport, ESPN, and HBO Max

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Peacock, BT Sport, ESPN, and HBO Max

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Peacock, and BT Sport

How We Selected and Tested These VPNs?

While it’s a fact that using a VPN for the Bybit cryptocurrency platform is the right thing to do, one must understand that no random VPN will do the job.

Trivia Time

Nearly 84% of free Android VPN software leaks the IP address of the end-user, 38% contain malware, 82% try to track online activities, and 18% don’t encrypt the internet traffic at all.

You have to have the aid of the best VPN for Bybit so that your cryptocurrency trading activities are fully protected, and your real IP address is not exposed. To bring such a Bybit VPN to your disposal, we tested different VPNs using the below-mentioned criteria.

  • Global server network

This matters because only a VPN with an extensive server network will help you remove the ban imposed on Bybit cryptocurrency trading. You must ensure that the Bybit VPN you’ll pick or use strategically covers the entire world. By strategic, we meant that servers should be present in as many countries as possible.

  • Obfuscation abilities

If you’re accessing Bybit in a country where it’s banned, you need to play smart and try your best not to get caught. The best VPN for Bybit is the one that offers obfuscated servers so that no one can suspect you.

  • No log-keeping

Leaking Bybit cryptocurrency trading activities will lead to severe losses for you. Hence, you need to ensure that the Bybit US VPN offers a strict no-log policy. We include VPNs that even undergo 3rd party audits that prove the authenticity of the no-log policy.

  • Multiple devices support

An excellent Bybit VPN software must work on all the leading devices. Compatibility with a laptop, mobile phone, and tablet is the minimum requirement. But, if you’re getting more than this, it is icing on the cake.

  • Unbreakable security

A part of a VPN’s responsibility is protecting internet traffic. It won’t happen if robust security features like kill switches, military-grade encryption, leak protection, malware protection, and DDoS attack protection are missing.

We carefully examined the security features of tested VPNs and listed only those offering all these and many more.

  • Multiple subscriptions with a free VPN trial & money-back guarantee

Money matters a lot! So, we recommend using an affordable VPN for Bybit that offers multiple subscriptions with a free trial. A free trial is an easy way to find out the real-time viability of a VPN.

A money-back guarantee is a must as it assures investment safety. All the listed VPNs offer a free trial and 30 to 40 days money-back guarantee. So, you’re going to experience great peace of mind.

These were the main selection criteria in our hunt for the best VPNs for Bybit. However, other trivial factors like setup guide, customer support, and transparency in the process were also kept in mind.


Bybit is quite popular amongst global cryptocurrency traders. However, this platform is not accessible to everyone. The easiest way to eliminate this disappointment is to use the best Bybit VPN.

The top options discussed in the guide will help you bypass all the restrictions imposed while keeping your online privacy intact. These best VPNs for Bybit will not disappoint you and help you unblock the platform from anywhere.

NordVPN is a preferred choice of many and our top recommendation because it is packed with advanced features and facilities. Its server network is impressive. With over 1900 US servers, it will help you access Bybit in the US. Try it once, and you will know why it scored 1st place in the list.

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Bybit is mainly banned or locked in the US, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, China, Syria, and North Korea. While the cryptocurrency platform is not completely blocked in all the regions of Russia, Ukraine, and Canada, it faces limited geo-restrictions.

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